Here you can download disk images of Wf4Ever Sandbox. Disk images contain the latest Wf4ever software installed and configured. The images are available in the .vdi format supported by VirtualBox. Other virtualization applications can be used after converting the image to a suitable format.

How to use it

  1. Download the disk image.
  2. Install VirtualBox.
  3. Create a new virtual machine, attach the disk image.
  4. Configure the virtual machine:
    • The Sandbox needs to run with IP Basic static configuration can be found in /etc/network/interfaces, assuming that interface eth0 is used. You may run ifconfig -a to check if eth0 exists - if not, then update the configuration file and run /etc/init.d/networking restart.
    • If you use NAT, remember to configure port forwarding. You will need to forward TCP ports 80, 10051 and 10052. Please note that on Unix hosts it may be impossible to forward ports to ports < 1024, choose any higher number instead. For details see the VirtualBox manual.
  5. Your downloaded Sandbox will be available at http://localhost:[port number], depending on the port you chose for forwarding port 80.
  6. You can also log in to the Sandbox using one of the following accounts:
    • dlibra (password:test) - for managing the dLibra and ROSRS services
    • robox (password:test) - for managing the ROBox service
    • root (password:test) - for everything else

Download links

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