Welcome to ROHUB Sandbox!

This server hosts the most current software that is created within the Wf4ever project. We invite you to use it and test it, if you have any comments please put them on https://jira.man.poznan.pl.

  1. ROHub
    ROHub comprises the Research Object Digital Library (RODL) system along with a web client application (RO Portal). The main entry point for users is RO Portal
    • Research Object Digital Library
      Software system which collects, manages and preserves aggregations of scientific methods (e.g., workflows) and related artifacts along with their annotations, organized as research objects. The main interface to RODL is a set of RESTful APIs, being the two primary ones the RO API and the RO Evolution API.
      Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Research+Objects+Digital+Library
      URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/rodl
    • Research Object Portal
      RO Portal is a web client application developed alongside RODL to expose all available functionalities to the users. It also provides access to other services like checklist, quality and wf-ro. Its main features are RO exploration, visualization and management, but it also allows creating user accounts in RODL and generating access tokens for other clients.
      URL: http://www.rohub.org/portal
    See their changelog at: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/RODL+and+RO+Portal+roadmap+and+release+plan
  2. Workflow - Research Object Transformation Service
    A web service for transforming Taverna workflows into Research Objects.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Wf-RO+transformation+service
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/wf-ro
  3. Recommender Service
    A web service for recomending resources based on user profiles.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Recommender+Service
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/epnoiServer/rest/recommender/
  4. Collaboration Spheres
    A web application where the user will be able to explore his friends and research objects, create different research contexts and get recommendations at different levels using a concentric circles metaphor.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Collaboration+Spheres
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/collab2/index.html
    Usage: Use your myExperiment id as a paremeter, example: http://sandbox.rohub.org/collab2/index.html?id=http://www.myexperiment.org/users/18
  5. Quality Services (former stability)
    A set of services that provide different analytics and values based on evaluations of the Research Objects (Checklist evaluation) combined with their evolution (roevo information).
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Showcase+66a.+Creating+a+use+case+for+the+stability+service and https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Showcase+66b.+Analytics+based+on+the+stability+service
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/decayMonitoring/rest/getStabilityInfo, http://sandbox.rohub.org/decayMonitoring/rest/getStability and http://sandbox.rohub.org/decayMonitoring/rest/getAnalytics
    See how to use the parameters in the documentation section.
  6. Decay Monitoring
    A web application where the user can explore the evolution in termos of quality of his Research Object over time; this will help the user to analyze the decay. This site uses the stability services, the checklist evaluation and roevo information and combines it to show results in a meaningful way to the user.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Showcase+66b.+Analytics+based+on+the+stability+service
    URL: Use RO url as a parameter, example http://sandbox.rohub.org/decayMonitoring/visual.html?RO=http://sandbox.rohub.org/rodl/ROs/Y3DEMO2/
  7. Workflow Abstraction
    A set of services that provide indexing, searching and recommending workflow processes.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Showcase+44a+Workflow+Abstraction
    http://sandbox.rohub.org/wfabstraction/rest/search?process= and http://sandbox.rohub.org/wfabstraction/rest/recommend?process= where the parameter "process" is the name of a process inside a workflow.
  8. Checklist Evaluation Service
    Service for testing completeness, executability, repeatability and other desired features of a research object. In particular, it evaluates a research object against a minimum information model and for a particular purpose (e.g., completeness).
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/RO+checklist+evaluation+API
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/roevaluate/.
  9. Workflow Runner
    Workflow Runner is a service for executing and inspecting workflow runs. A workflow run is exposed as an RO using a subset of the RODL API.  This particular installation is connected to an installation of Taverna Server and can execute Taverna workflows.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Workflow+Runner+API
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/runner/
  10. Taverna Server
    Taverna Server is a REST and SOAP service for executing Taverna workflows. Used by the Workflow Runner service.
    Documentation: http://dev.mygrid.org.uk/wiki/display/taverna/Taverna+Server+2.4
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/taverna-server/
  11. Dropbox RO Connector (ROBox) - deprecated
    The Dropbox RO Connector app (ROBox) connects up and manage the synchronisation between the user's Dropbox folder and RODL.
    Documentation: https://confluence.man.poznan.pl/community/display/docs/Dropbox+RO+Connector+%28ROBox%29
    URL: http://sandbox.rohub.org/robox
    Warning The ROBox works with a legacy version of RODL and will probably not work as expected now.

Download the Sandbox (deprecated)

The Sandbox (this server) is available for download as a VMware disk image. Users can deploy it on their own servers, log in and tweak the services for their own needs. Sandbox images are generated based on the Sandbox itself but may have user accounts and services configuration changed and contain only sample user data. Also, they do not contain Sandbox disk images for download.

For more information about Sandbox images, click here.

Warning The Sandbox images are out of date, if you want to download one please let us know so we can update them first.